How can I repair marine fire damage?

A boat fire can be a scary situation. Not only is there a fire in an area where there is a lot of fuel present, but also the fire is more than likely taking place in an area where there is not always a safe place to retreat to. Here are some preventative measures you can perform to prevent marine fire damage.

Use Your Nose

The human nose is one of the best fire-prevention tools. If something doesn’t smell right, check it out immediately. Chances are before a boat fire starts there are signs and smells indicating that something isn’t right. The key is to find it before the fire starts.

Check Your Tanks and Hoses

Gas fumes can result in disastrous onboard explosions and fires. Even if you have a brand new boat, you should still be actively checking your tanks and hoses. It is recommended that you inspect all fuel tanks and hoses every six months. On older boats, ethanol-laced ­gasoline can eat away at hoses, causing them to delaminate and seep gas. Make sure to replace those.

Who can repair marine fire damage?

Limit External Heat

Fire needs three elements to exist: oxygen, fuel, and heat. While you can’t prevent oxygen and fuel on a boat, you can limit or control the amount of heat. Avoid anything that can cause unnecessary heat such as cigarettes or heaters. If your boat has cooking appliances on it make sure to keep a careful eye on it.

Do You Have Marine Fire Damage?

If you have suffered a fire on your boat, it’s important to have professionals come in to do repairs and restorations. Contact us today to learn about our marine fire damage services.


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