Marine Fire Damage | Preventing Boat Fires

A boat fire can be a scary situation. Not only is there a fire in an area where there is a lot of fuel present, but also the fire is more than likely taking place in an area where there is not always a safe place to retreat to. Here are some preventative measures you […]

Residential Fire Damage Restoration | After a House Fire

While you never hope for a house fire, sometimes they happen. When they do, it’s important to have a plan in place to make sure that you and your family are safe. Here are some things you should make sure you do after a fire and before you get residential fire damage restoration. Assess the […]

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration | Office Fire Prevention Tips

You probably have a fire prevention plan in place at your home, but what about at your business? While at home, your fire prevention tactics keep your family safe, at your office you have all your employees to think about. Let’s take a look at some commercial fire damage restoration prevention tips. Electrical Wiring Make […]

Residential Fire Damage Restoration | 3 Most Common Types of Fires

While a variety of different factors can start fires in a home, there are three types of fires that are the most common. Knowing the most common types of house fires out there may be able to help you reduce the chances of one happening or be better equipped to put it out should one […]

Marine Fire Damage | Types of Boat Fires

Just like with a house fire, in order to successfully put out a fire on a boat, you must first identify what type of fire it is. This will help in determining what to use to put out said fire in the quickest time while causing the least amount of damage. Here are the different […]

Fire Restoration | Home Fire Prevention Tips

Let’s face it, one of the scariest things to happen is to have a fire start in your home. Home fires can result in damage to your property, resulting in the need for fire restoration, and in unfortunate extreme cases, loss of life. Sometimes house fires can be easily preventable. Here are some helpful tips […]

Fire Restoration | How Can I Prevent an Office Fire?

Small or large, your office is prone to needing fire restoration. With an array of electronic equipment and employees in small quarters, it is important to keep things in line to keep everyone safe. You are able to prevent an office fire by following these simple steps. Avoid Paper Build-Ups Paper is flammable, and offices […]

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