Common Mistakes Made By Homeowners After Water Damage

water damage jupiter, water damage cleanup jupiterWhen it comes to water damage to your home in Jupiter, the initial damage is just the beginning. Water damage quickly worsens and compounds, especially if you fail to respond quickly and correctly. It is important to know some of the most common mistakes many homeowners make following water damage so that you can avoid them and spare further property damage.

  1. Failing to respond quickly

The best way to mitigate water damage is to begin the cleanup process as quickly as possible. When water is left to sit for 24 hours or longer, other serious problems will begin to present themselves. Mold can begin growing in as little as 24 hours. And it spreads very rapidly after that. Structural deterioration and breakdown will also begin to become a serious problem the longer water damage is present.  If structural materials like drywall and wood become fully saturated with water, they will begin to bow, crack, deteriorate, and even rot. The source of he water needs to stopped as quickly as possible so that extraction and drying can occur. To have successful water damage cleanup, complete and adequate drying and dehumidification have to be complete, and as soon as possible. The sooner you respond to water damage, the less damage will be done and the quicker the cleanup process will be.

  1. Attempting to remove and dry the water on your own

Without the use of commercial grade equipment, water will not adequately dry. When attempting to dry water on your own, the drying process will not only be prolonged, but it will more than likely not be dried completely. Many of the materials that make up your home are porous, meaning they will absorb water inside them. Materials like wood, drywall, sheetrock, and upholstery will hold on to hidden water, so it is necessary to use dehumidification to ensure that all hidden moisture is removed. Since you cannot see water that is left behind walls, under floor boards, are absorbed into other materials, you may be fooled into thinking that all the water has been removed when in deed it has not. Hidden water facilitates mold growth and can lead to break down of materials. Water needs to be extracted quickly and correctly, and fast powerful drying and dehumidification must be complete to ensure that the health and safety of your home and yourself is protected.

  1. Waiting too long to call the professionals

The best way to avoid these common mistakes, and to ensure that your home is cleaned up quickly and correctly following water damage is to call in the professionals right away. Water damage cleanup is an extensive process that requires professional equipment, training, experience, and licensing to ensure that your home is in the best hands possible. The biggest mistake you can make following water damage is to put off calling in for help.

Professional Water Damage Cleanup In Jupiter

The professionals at Restore Force are available 24/7 with emergency response for homeowners in Jupiter and surrounding areas so that we can begin the cleanup process as soon as possible. Do not fall victim to these common mistakes, and make the best decision for you and your home by calling Restore Force for all your water damage cleanup needs. 

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