Three Hazards Common In Water Damage Cleanup in Jupiter FL

One of the most frustrating things about water damage in Jupiter FL are all the secondary problems that crop up after the initial flood. On top of a home filled with floodwater, there are other hazards you must consider…

Three of the most common – contaminated water, structural damage, and mold growth – are discussed below. The purpose of doing so is to provide you with an idea of how you can be safer during the water damage cleanup process after a flood. Of course, if you have any questions, or a flood that needs to be cleaned up, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Restore Force in Jupiter FL.

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Contaminated Water

The most dangerous part about floodwater often isn’t the water itself but what the water contains. Floodwater often contains dangerous bacteria and microorganisms that can cause serious illness and disease. If your home is ever flooded, one of your first steps should be to determine if the water comes from a sanitary source. The worst kind of contaminated floodwater is floodwater that contains sewage or harsh chemicals. In the cleaning and restoration industry, this is referred to as Black Water. Contact with floodwater that is this severely contaminated can cause serious health problems, and even death in serious cases. If you have any suspicion at all the floodwater in your home is contaminated, avoid it and call a professional cleaning and restoration company for help. They will have the proper equipment and training to clean up the mess safely, effectively, and while keeping you out of harm’s way.

Structural Damage

Structural damage from a flood typically occurs in one of two main ways. First, a flood can cause damage when the force of the water is enough to damage the structure of the home. This usually occurs when natural disasters cause floods with large amounts of water that is moving at a quick speed. The second type of damage, however, can occur no matter the force of the floodwater. It happens when floodwater accumulates in your home and causes gradual deterioration. The key to preventing this type of damage is removing the water and drying out all remaining moisture as soon as possible.

Mold Damage

Mold growth is the most common consequence of a flood. This is in large part due to the fact that it only takes mold 24 hours to begin growing after a flood. The key to preventing mold is removing all the floodwater and excess water from your home as quickly as possible. Otherwise, your home will be vulnerable to structural damage from mold growth and you will be vulnerable to the negative health effects associated with the inhalation of mold spores.

Knowing about these hazards still may not allow you to prevent them all from occurring, but it will help. And, at the very least, you will be able to be safer during the water damage cleanup process being aware of these hazards to look out for. If you ever find your home flooded, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Restore Force in Jupiter FL so we can make sure your home receives the best quality restoration and cleanup service possible.

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