Do’s And Don’ts Of Water Damage

water damage restoration north palm beach, water damage north palm beach, water damage cleanup north palm beachFinding extensive water damage in your North Palm Beach home is kind of like being on fire; you’ll be filled immediately with a sense of urgency and want to spring into action. If you’ve been trained well and have your wits about you a little bit in the latter case, you’ll remember what you’ve always been told, and you’ll “stop, drop, and roll.”

Following these few simple steps will make the outcome of the emergency much better for you. Knowing what to do and having a plan is crucial so that you don’t ignore important (and easy) steps when you have water in your home, too. We at Restore Force would like to introduce a list of things to do and things not to do when you find yourself in an urgent water damage situation. 


Be careful not to come into contact with contaminated water. Water does not have to be discolored to be contaminated; it could be from a burst laundry pipe or standing ground water. Exercise caution. In addition, if you have been away from your home and are just discovering water that has been sitting, water that didn’t start contaminated may have become contaminated. It can take as little as 48 hours for mold and other harmful bacteria to start growing.

Take care of your “stuff.” Remove things of objective or subjective value, like jewelry, cash, high-end clothing, family photo albums, or favorite children’s items. Stow these things away in safe, dry places. Remove rugs and other loose items from the floor as these can cause damage and staining to the floors underneath. In addition, as much as you can in the early stages, it is best to remove clutter or items in general as this will make assessment and restoration easier and minimize the risk of those items sustaining more water damage than they have to. 

Assess the source of the water if it is safe to do so. Sometimes, nipping a flood in the bud can be as simple as identifying that water is coming from a certain pipe and cutting off the water supply to that portion of your home. 


Risk electricity dangers. Be very careful if operating appliances, even fans, space heaters, or wet vacuums. We would recommend shutting off electricity to affected areas if you are unsure. 

Try to undergo all restoration on your own. You may be tempted, especially if your water damage emergency seems small and manageable. This is dangerous because even small instances, not taken care of properly, can lead to irreversible damage and mold growth. Calling a professional is actually an investment and will ensure that your damage is taken care of properly. In addition, you’ll have peace of mind. 

The simple things you do or don’t do early on when you notice water damage will make all the difference in how easy and cost effective it will be to fix it. Simple precautions will also keep you safe. After all, water damage is never ideal, but your method of cleaning it up can be. For help with your restoration in North Palm Beach, call Restore Force today.

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