Residential Water Mitigation | After A Home Flood

Coming home to significant water damage, like a flood, can be incredibly stressful. You are probably looking at all the water thinking, “what am I supposed to do now?” The first 24 hours after a floor or extensive water damage are key. Here is what you should do after a flood before looking for residential water damage repair.

Avoid Additional Risks

If you have come home to a flood, or a flood caused you to leave your home, be careful when you go back to your house. Check for any visible structural damage, such as warping, loosened or cracked foundation elements, cracks, and holes before entering. Also, make sure that all electric and gas lines are turned off.

Take Pictures

Before starting the cleanup process, make sure you properly document the damage done. You will need to show these to your insurance company when filing a claim.

Protect Your Health

Even if it looks like the water is clear, it could still be contaminated by household chemicals or even sewage. If you have to walk through your home for any reason, make sure you are wearing protective boots and gloves that will keep your protected from the water.

Are You in Need of Residential Water Mitigation Repair?

After you have secured your home and assessed the damage, make sure you call us. Our experienced restoration team offers water damage repair, fire restoration, and mold remediation services to make sure your residential properties look as good as they did pre-damage. Contact us today to learn more.

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