Fire Restoration | Home Fire Prevention Tips

Let’s face it, one of the scariest things to happen is to have a fire start in your home. Home fires can result in damage to your property, resulting in the need for fire restoration, and in unfortunate extreme cases, loss of life. Sometimes house fires can be easily preventable. Here are some helpful tips to avoid a fire in your home.

Have Your Heating and Cooling Systems Regularly Serviced

This also includes any chimneys or wood-burning fireplaces you have. Keep dust and any other potentially flammable items away from your ignition sources. In addition, clean around any heat sources regularly to prevent buildup that could cause a fire.

Keep Your Lint Trap in Your Dryer Clean

You should be cleaning out the lint trap in your dryer after every use. Not only does a clogged filter and lint trap make your dryer less efficient, it also reduces the airflow needed to keep heat from building up in the vents. This forces lint into the heating coils which cause a fire to start. It’s also important not to run your dryer when you are out of the house.

Keep Cooking Oil Away from the Stove

When cooking with oil, it’s imperative to keep it away from the stove. If a grease fire should start, turn off the stove immediately and place a lid on the pan to put out the flames. You can also pour baking soda in the pan. Whatever you do, do not pour water on it. Water splatters the grease which causes the fire to expand and get bigger.

Are You in Need of Fire Restoration?

Unfortunately, no matter what you do sometimes fires can happen. At Restore Force, we understand how important it is for you to get your life and house back to normal. We work around the clock to ensure that you get back to normal as quick as possible. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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