Mold Remediation | 4 Post-Hurricane Irma Tips

A storm of historical proportions. Hurricane Irma left millions of Floridians in the dark and underwater. And, as scary as it was, dealing with the aftermath of the storm is water that many residents hoped to never need to tread. But, there are steps to take to restore homes and communities. So, while it may be a process, mold remediation in addition to the following steps can help make your place feel like home again:

Look for Water Damage

After heavy rains and damaging winds, water damage is nearly inevitable. Once your home is safe to enter, you should thoroughly inspect every room. Look for obvious signs of water damage including leaks. Also, keep an eye out for water spots on the ceilings and walls.

Report Dangerous Powerlines and Electrical Issues

The last thing you want on top of a hurricane is a fire. Be sure to report down or loose powerlines near your home or in your neighborhood. Also, check all outlets and appliances for signs of damage. This can save you trouble in the future!

Peeling paint on an interior ceiling a result of water damage caused by a leaking pipe dripping down from upstairs a result of substandard plumbing completed by an unqualified plumber. A common house insurance claim.

Wear Protective Clothing

Should there be any fallen debris or standing water in your home, be sure to wear protective clothing during your walk through. This means long pants, closed-toed shoes, gloves, and appropriate eyewear.

Check the Outside of Your Home

Don’t neglect the outside of your house! Be sure to have your roof inspected and check your foundation. This will help you spot any structural issues that cause more damage later on.

Are You in Need of Mold Remediation?

Hurricane Irma’s reach and impact were historic. So, while the storm may be gone, its affects may linger. If you are in need of water damage restoration or mold remediation, contact us today to learn how we can assist you!

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